Xavier Board of Higher Education Excellence Award (XBHEEA)

Terms & Conditions:
Awards (NAME): Xavier Board of Higher Education Excellence Award 2022 Awards Management: Xavier Board of Higher Education in India (XBHEI)
Jury: A group of experts appointed by the Award Management Participant: Any member Institution of XBHEI
Screening Jury: Expert academicians from Higher Educational Institutions who shortlist finalist from each category.

These term governing the awards, as may be amended from time to time. Website –
 These Terms & Conditions are applicable to and govern the Xavier Board of Higher Education Excellence Awards 2022 organized, instituted by XBHEI.
 By participating in the Awards, participant agrees to abide by and be bound by these terms. These terms may be modified without prior notification. Participants are advised to regularly review these terms. If participant does not agree with any of the terms/ any amendments thereto, the participant must not participate in the awards and withdraw its application from Awards.

Awards objective: To celebrate and honor the outstanding initiatives by individuals & Institutions leading to excellence in performance at different areas in higher education.

Award Categories
Category Name Description
1. Best College
2. Best Principal
3. Excellent Faculty
4. Best Researcher
5. Best Researcher in Arts
6. Best Researcher in Commerce
7. Best Outreach & Extension – College
8. Best Green campus
9. Best practices
10. Best College for Networking & Collaborations

 The Award categories may be changed/ modified/ split/ merged/increased/ cancelled by the Award Management based on the number & quality of entries received in each category.
 In the event that no participant in a category is found worthy of inclusion by the Award Management, the award category may be cancelled. This decision of the Management in this regard will be final. The Award
Management will not entertain any queries in this regard. Eligibility criteria for participation in the Awards
 Higher Educational Institutions which/who have registered as life member or annual members in XB.
 Institutions must have at least five years of membership in Xavier Board as on 31 st March 2022.
 The final eligibility of the participant will be subject to the directions of the Award Management.
 The Award Management may modify the eligibility criteria from time to time with retrospective effect, Hence the final eligibility of the participant will be subject to the direction & approval of the Award Management.
 The Award Management holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.
 Participation in the awards is subject to defined Terms and Conditions available on the website www.xavierboard.org

 Efforts will be made to adhere to the defined timelines. However the defined timelines are subject to change based on the decision of Award Management.

Call for entries and participation
 The call for entries for awards will be announced through website or through social media platforms or by direct communication with potential participants and that shall be construed to be adequate notice for the call
for entries.
 A participant can apply in each category only once.
 Entries will be accepted only in English language.
 In case of the participant/ College fails to submit the proof of the registration of the institution, they may be disqualified from participation.

Application Process:
 A participant can apply for the awards by login to website www.xavierboard.org – Education Excellence award.
 Receipt of application forms after the last date of receipt specified, may be permitted only at the discretion of the Award Management.
 Award management will not be responsible for application form that are incomplete/ lost or lapsed in any communication on account of network failure or any other technical issues.
 Award Management has the copyright to the applications, if the same been used by the participant in any form. Other than awards, then awards management can take strict action against such participant.

Completeness of Entries/ Disqualification
 All sections of the application form are mandatory. Participant would not be able to submit the forms, unless all the sections are filled.
 Entries will be accepted in English language only.
 Institutions can provide up to 3 supporting documents to assess the jury in evaluating the application such as photos, articles awards and accolades and other materials under “Attachments” section (Maximum size can be
uploaded is 2 MB per attachment).

Additional information:

 Participants may be contacted for any additional information or Award Management may conduct on site visits to verify the information provided. Such information sourced from the participant will become part
of the original application.
 Award management has the right to ask for additional proof. If such a request is made and the participant does not comply with 5 working days from the date of request is made, the participant may be disqualified from
the participation in the awards.
 Information provided by the participant will be confidential and will be used only for the limited purpose of evaluating the participant entry to those awards.
 The participant hereby irrevocably authorizes the Award Management to use the data gathered/collected during the awards in respect of the participant. This shall be the property of XBHEI.

Validity & Correctness of Information
 If at any time, including after the conclusion of any of the award ceremonies, any information provided by the participant (s) is found to be incorrect in any manner, then the participant will be liable to be disqualified and/ or return the award and the monetary emoluments provided to the participant under these awards of any, the Award management may also take penal action against the participant for providing false information to participate in the awards.
 Determination of whether information provided is fair and accurate rests with the jury and Award Management. Shortlisting finalists for each award category from applications received
 Application forms received would be collated under each Award category for evaluation by Award Management.
 Determinations of the awards category to which an application belongs is at the discretion of the jury.
 Award management reserves the right to make the final judgment in case of any ambiguity in rules and regulations/ disputes over suitability.
 The screening jury will select top finalists per award category based on pre-defined evaluation parameters who will qualify for the final round.
 Short listed finalists will be contacted by XBHEI to inform them their short listing.
 The decision of the above shortlisting is binding and final on a participants.

Selection of the winners
 The final jury will score/ rank for the finalists on pre-defined evaluation parameters, based on the application form, supporting materials and presentation made by the finalists in person.
 There could be one or more winners in each category at the discretion of the jury/ award management.

 If a participant wishes to withdraw from the awards, kindly inform the Award Management in writing at any time up to two weeks prior to the final awards ceremony.
 All disputes relating to or arising out of the awards shall be subject to the laws of India, and shall be subject to the inclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the competent jurisdiction at New Delhi.
 If the participants are unclear as to the terms and conditions or any information of awards or have any queries/ concerns pertaining to awards, they can email their queries to the following address.