Database of Experts

The Database of Experts is a publicly viewable, growing, online, global repository of experts connected with Xavier Board of Higher Education in India. Xavier Board of Higher Education in India is the only federation of All India Catholic Higher Education Institutions under Catholic Bishops Council of India.

Our primary audiences are:

  • Member Institutions all over India
  • Individuals and institutions with expertise in higher education strengthening particularly those regions requesting quality resources
  • Entities seeking support in various types of higher education systems
  • Students who like to get quality grooming from industry experts and educationalists


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Benefits of the Database

  • Elevate Experts
    • Elevate the profile of technical experts, especially those from countries and regions requesting support for technical assistance.
  • Promote Transparency
    • Promote a clear, open approach to matching country demands with expertise.
  • Support Coaching and Mentoring
    • Broker long-term coaching and mentoring support instead of short-term assistance.
  • Facilitate Tailored Support
    • Search for Experts and Institutions using criteria relevant to your needs.

Why the Database

  • Learn the Coaching Approach
  • Calling All Experts!
    • To successfully support health systems improvements, it’s not enough to advise clients on what they could be doing differently. Change processes need to be thoughtfully designed and executed. A skilled facilitator who also possesses strong technical expertise can guide an inclusive process that is more likely to gain stakeholder buy-in and lead to contextually-tailored, high-impact solutions to complex challenges. If you want to build your facilitation skills, check out the newest e-learning module from The Coaching Approach: “Designing & Facilitating Effective Processes.”

Getting Listed

  • Register yourself as an expert or your organization as an institution to be included in the database of Xavier Board of Higher Education in India