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Newly appointed Principals of Xavier Board member Colleges are given training programs annually during summer vacation.

This is organised mainly to induct them to the institutional values and distinctiveness so that he/she will be able to perform the responsibility assigned, as an academic leader, rooted in the administrative policies of the institution and the Catholic Church and to promote the culture of the Catholic Education Ministry in the campus.

The XB Training Programs will inculcate in the young principals the true meaning of leadership as making other better as a result of their presence and to ensure that impact lasts in their absence.

To stimulate and promote sustainable quality initiatives in our Catholic Higher Educational Institutions XB AAA was launched in 2018 by giving training for selected academicians and educationalists to constitute Audit Teams at the national level by Xavier Board by employing transparent and quantifiable measuring means having global, National and regional level bearing, with prime focus on quality, Excellence, competency, agility, adoptability inclusiveness and social development linkage.

Administrative and academic Audit at the request of the member colleges of XB is done. 
The AAA Teams  assist the member colleges  to prepare the SSR in a scientific and systematic manner. Also sensitize Colleges and Universities to the changes taking place Nationally, Internationally in higher education and bring them in complete harmony with the shifting paradigms across the world.

Training programs are offered by XB to IQAC Coordinators in order to equip those who are directly involved in the quality enhancement initiatives at the Institutional level. Upholding the institutional values, and NAAC guidelines, they prepare the required documents both academics and institutional, to make a transparent and authentic self-study report in a mutually enriching and benefitting manner.

The training programs are done annually at different regions of Xavier Board. This will enable the institutional IQAC and Steering Committee Co-ordinators to get a better and extensive view of the academic performance of different Colleges from different geographical locations and diversified cultural milieu.

Xavier Board through the ministry of higher educational institutions empower the youth in Transformational Leadership, Academic Excellence and Human Excellence. The Catholic faith formation is the primary concern of the training programs held at National/ regional/ institutional level.

Programs are arranged annually/ biannually to mould second line leaders who are socially committed morally upright, spiritually enlightened and truly liberated citizens of the society to make this world a better place to live, move and have our being to enjoy human dignity at all levels.

The growth and advancement of any institution depends on Charismatic Leadership it uploads creating an environment of team work with commitment and vision which  will raise the academic institutions to greater and newer heights in this fast changing higher education scenario.

Xavier Board envisions to build a team of administrators who are well trained to lead our institutions with creativity and innovations, collaborating with stakeholders, academicians, industries and other national international organisations which have the similar objectives in Nation Building.

The world is undergoing rapid changes in the knowledge landscape with various dramatic, scientific and technological advancements. The higher Education in India is having a paradigm shift in the teaching – learning process.

Hence Xavier Board envisions to re-energise our member institutions and its stakeholders to equip themselves for an institutional restructuring at all levels. Frequent Online/ Offline programs at National/ regional and institutional level is organised with an expert resource team. Optimal use of academic resources, learning resources, infrastructural resources  and expertise of the member institutions are mobilised and utilised for this purpose and making it useful, fruitful, accessible and affordable for all.