The National Executive Committee Meeting was held on 12th March 2022.

The National Executive Committee consists of President, Vice- President, Secretary and four members elected by the Executive Board from among the regions, on rotation, one of whom being the Joint Secretary. The Executive Committee shall meet online/offline to have discussion on any matter of concern of the Xavier Board. The primary responsibility of the Executive body is to implement the decisions taken at the General Body Meeting and XB Executive Board Meeting.

The following are the dates of meetings held at the Executive level from September 2021 to April 2022.

Annual General Body Meeting : Sept.11th

Executive committee meetings:
• August 17 th 2021
• September 28 th , 2021,
• December 18 th ,2021
• January 22 nd 2022
• March 12 th 2022

Board meetings :
• August 25 th 2021
• October 30 th 2021

Review meetings: AAA:
• October 8 th 2021
• January 22 nd Special Executive Committee

Core Committee Meetings under the Chairmanship of Executive Committee Members:
 Database of Expertise
 XB National Educational Excellence Award
 Networking and Academic Collaborations
 Faculty Forum
 Researchers Forum